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Originally Posted by RetroVertigo View Post
I meant as in skill set with his ability to catch out of the back.
Which, even if he lives up to being like Sproles one of the best ever at that, means he will still have limited starting value.

Originally Posted by RetroVertigo
I get it, but I see Thompson as having the most upside in his situation.
I would agree if I thought the Chiefs would hand him the starting role, and that he could transition from small school one year wonder to NFL running back. Maybe he does become Ray Rice (minus the women beating of course) as a shorter, do it all back, but I think there's a reason it took 6 rounds to draft him (Rice went in the 2nd), and that he wont ever be a guy you want to start.

Originally Posted by RV
So for me to draft Pollard is using my 1st round pick to select a handcuff where (as I see it) DT has more upside would be a short term play.
With Zeke's extension looking like it will get done, maybe you're right. I just think Pollard projects as a better NFL player than D.T. and I think you underestimate the value of having the backups to your own studs rather than someone elses.