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More possible twists:
-The genius is extremely distrustful of the government and the agent, believing that "They" are conspiring to quash the invention, and will attempt to run away at some point if the agent does not persuade them otherwise.

-The genius has secretly received an offer from the bad guys, making it an attempted extraction, rather than a kidnapping. Consequently, they will be subtly cooperating with the bad guys in ways that they can play off as being a naive or absent-minded intellectual.

-Riffing on LHoD's second twist: The genius knows the reaction is flawed, but is afraid that the government will take their notes and run with the plan--or that they are already doing so. The "bad guys" have an expert the genius believes can help solve the problem. (This combines several twists, leaving opportunities for the agent to win the genius's trust, switch sides, get backstabbed by either or both sides, and have a race against time.)