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Originally Posted by Senegoid View Post
So that why I wondered if I could boil the washcloths and dishcloths separately in the microwave to sterilize them.
There was a study once that suggested microwaving kitchen sponges for 2 minutes to (semi)-sterilize them, so I think it should be fine with cloth; I doubt you need to put them in an actual pot of water, just get them thoroughly wet and put them on a plate or something.

Victorian household manuals (which I collect) assumed as a matter of course that all the kitchen rags would be "scalded" (either pouring boiling water over them or briefly boiling) every day, to keep them from "souring". (The special rag for cleaning the chamber pots was scalded separately, along with the pots themselves.)

White cotton clothing (which would include underwear) was also boiled as part of normal laundering (usually in a cute copper pot), if you could manage it, although that was more for the bleaching effect.