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Originally Posted by ITR champion View Post
But at #3, surprisingly, is Kamala Harris with 9%. This is much better than she's done in previous polls and ahead of other contenders such as Elizabeth Warren. So perhaps it's time to start taking Harris seriously.

It seems she'll be advertising herself as a no-nonsense, won't-back-down progressive and indeed, there are some cases where she has been such. For example, she has always opposed the death penalty, .
When I ask "but what has Harris done?" the usual answers are "she's black", "a woman" and 'a progressive".

Yes, she opposed the Death penalty, which means she joins about half of America. The difference is, she ran for AG, and took a oath to uphold the laws of California- which include the Death penalty.

Most here in CA view her as a "San Francisco Liberal", which is by no mean complimentary. In fact , in CA she isnt all that popular. Yes, she won, but against no GOp candidates and had three times the cash as her democratic opponent.

She is violently against guns, and in fact took advantage of a weird legal loophole to ban the sale of all new handgun models in CA, as she ruled that microstamping was available, and thus no new gun models could be sold without it: (wiki) Dealers may not sell any new handgun unless it is listed in the state Department of Justice roster of handguns certified for sale. Listed handguns must include certain mechanical features and pass a set of laboratory tests. Private party transfers, curio/relic handguns, certain single-action revolvers, and pawn/consignment returns are exempt from this requirement.[39] Sale to law enforcement personnel are exempt from list restrictions.

On May 17, 2013, the state attorney general began enforcing a new law requiring that semi-automatic pistols incorporate microstamping.[40] With this technology, very small markings are engraved, using a laser, on the tip of the firing pin and on the breechface of the firearm. When the gun is fired, these etchings may be transferred to the primer by the firing pin, and to the cartridge case head by the breechface, using the pressure created when a round is fired. If successful, this imprints two identifying numbers, unique to that gun, on each spent cartridge casing.[41] This requirement applies to new guns being added to the California Department of Justice's roster of handguns certified for sale; semi-automatic handgun models already listed on the roster are not required to incorporate microstamping. Note of interest - this law was passed in 2007 and the wording in the law stated that it shall become effective when there are at least two companies, unencumbered by a patent, employing this technology. To date, no manufacturer offers this technology in firearms available to the public.[42]