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Originally Posted by Typo Negative View Post
I agree. What kind of public servant has he been? Judge him by that. Do we believe in rehabilitation or do we just pay lip service to the idea? Do we believe that people can change or not?
Originally Posted by Procrustus View Post
As I said, I'd keep an open mind. Are there really people who were that clueless as young adults who have now seen the light? I'm trying to imagine what he could say to convince me he realizes how awful that was and how he's changed.
If this was just an isolated (if utterly clueless) mistake, he can be rehabilitated. His life isn't over, he isn't going to prison.

But I don't see how he can be rehabilitated as governor. The job is not all about him. It's about the people he represents - and they surely have a right to transparent certainty about anyone in such a position.

It feels pretty pathetic to be talking about ethical standards for those in public office given who we have in the White House. But perhaps that just makes it all the more important for Dems to hold the line.