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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
Right now the only choice that is running away with it in national polling, when given the choice of "undecided", is "undecided" ... near half. After that it's Biden at 9%. Even zero to 9 is a pretty tight cluster.
I'm not seeing a rebuttal here.
But national polls WILL change dramatically and the first drivers of that change will be performance (especially performance relative to expectations) in Iowa and New Hampshire. He is not known well there yet either but his strengths are a good match to click with people there.
That's an easy claim to make, and the proof of the pudding won't be for nearly a year.
He has already started to visit there.
Who hasn't?
His path depends on a performance exceeding expectations in one or both of those states. If he runs and he is not in the top three in either he is done.
Top three, my ass. Finishing second or third in IA or NH won't save anyone.