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I am playing on the Homecoming shards (mostly Excelsior), but it's worth noting for the record that other efforts exist:

Massively OP article on public servers

Look at all these people willing to pay substantial sums of money so that complete strangers can play for free, and tell me NC Soft didn't err.

A note about setup: while the instructions Brainiac4 linked above worked for me, they recommend starting in windowed mode. For the first week or so, I experienced terribly long delays and crashes to the login screen every single time I entered a city zone. Teaming with me was terrible, because every time we finished an instance, I was useless for 5-10 minutes. It was 100% reproducible, although the crashes to login were about 1 time in 4 or so.

Then I changed away from windowed mode to full screen, and the issue completely disappeared. So if Windowed gives you issues, try changing to full screen.

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