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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
Ahh, I see. Yeah, given that only two out of 50 states have chosen to select their electors this way, I can't imagine all that many getting on board with an amendment to force the issue. Maybe if the numbers were flipped, and we had 48 states using a proportional system of some sort, and only a couple of hold-outs, maybe an amendment could be passed.
Yeah, the all-or-nothing scheme seems to be favored for some reason- I guess it's the idea that it tends to guarantee a clear outcome, because historically it's not like one party has been pushing for repeal, and the other pushing against.

I'm just thinking that not only proportional representation, but voting by district would be more representative- there wouldn't be wrangling about rounding up/down, etc... but you'd still have 100 electoral votes that would be all-or-nothing by state.

It seems like a reasonable compromise- the popular vote sounds like a great idea, but it totally ignores the fact that the States themselves are participants in the choice of government, which is a huge part historically of the US system of government. Beyond that, I suspect that EVERY single election would be some skin-of-the-teeth thing, with all the screechings about voter fraud, etc... that we occasionally see.