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Are there Any contempory horror novelists writing truly scary books?

I was thinking about this this thread, and how I don't usually find horror novels to be scary. Maybe I'm just reading the wrong people? Am I too sucked in by mainstream writers?

If I don't find the authors below scary, can you think of ones I might? Just contemporary authors, please (definitely more contemporary than Shirley Jackson, and preferably still writing) Just about any horror theme- be it monsters, hauntings or more psychological- is fine by me.

Authors I read but find not to be really scary:

Stephen King
Peter Straub
Clive Barker
Anne Rice
Dean Koontz
John Saul
Laurell Hamilton ( I haven't read any non-series novels yet, however)
Mark Danielewski (although I don't realy think House of Leaves was horror)
Dan Simmons (at least of what I've read of his)
Elizabeth Hand (at least of what I've read of hers)
Robert Mccammon