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Richard Mattheson is good. I didn't think that "I Am Legend" was all that scary, but his short stories were quite suspenseful. "Dance of the Dead" and "Where Shadows Lurk" (er, I think that's the title of it...too lazy to walk across the room and pick up my copy) stand out as being creepy.

Robert Bloch's short stories aren't bad. But take that with a grain of salt, because I read them a few years ago, as well as his novel "Psycho." I utterly loved that last one when I read it in high school. Recently, though, I reread--God, what was I on when I gave it that ringing endorsement?

Also, if you like creepy, Roald Dahl's adult books/stories are not to be missed.

Although I agree, it is difficult to find something really scary these days. Sometimes the older stuff (horror and suspense) just feels better.