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Originally posted by Avalonian
Funny you mention Dan Simmons... <snip>That being said, there are some powerfully frightening images in his recent novel A Winter Haunting, which is a sequel to Summer of Night. The first book wasn't very scary, in my opinion, while the second one really had some nice creepy moments.
I didn't think so, it was a little creepy, but not nearly enough. However, my overwhelming response that particular novel was disgust that he very blatently ripped off I'll Be Seeing You by Peter Straub.

There are far too many similarities for it to be accidental

Both books are about a man, who is going home to where a childhood companion died young, under mysterous circumstances (some people think the deaths were accidental, others convinced it was murder) to write a book. People avoid them because they're not "right." Both get into a lot of seemingly undeserved trouble with the local sheriff. Both are suspected of crimes that happened only after they arrived. Both confuse the living and the dead. Both get harassed by neo-nazi type punks. Both get into confrontations with who they think was the "real killer." There's a supernatural "return" of sorts of each dead kid... No wonder so many people at amazon who liked the first book- which I haven't read- complain in the reviews of it this book not being a good fit as a follow up. The narration style is the only big difference between the two books!

However, I do like Gerald's Game and The Shining. They were really creepy. Wish more books were.