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Originally Posted by Finagle
I dunno if they're sterile after coming out of the dryer, but they're pretty close.
They won't be sterile, bacterial and fungal spores would most likely survive, and the instant you touch them you'll be inoculating them with whatever viruses, bacteria and fungi you have on your hands. However, along with air drying, it would probably be the closest you can get without dousing everything in a antimicrobial and vacuum packing them, all done in a clean room.

Originally Posted by Annie-Xmas
Borax and/or vinegar are both germ killers. Adding white vinegar to the rinse water will kill germs and soften fabrics!
At what concentration? Neat (or high concentration) vinegar may well be bacteriocidal but when it's dilute how effective is it?

**Just a quick thought** You could put the smaller items in a pressure cooker/autoclave for 20-30 minutes, and then dry them in a disinfected microwave. They would probably be as sterile as you could get in the home. I am not a laundress, but I would imagine that if your items could survive a boil wash then they should survive in the pressure cooker.