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Originally Posted by irishgirl
Why, exactly, is killing bacteria found on your clothing a priority?
The human body is covered in billions of bacteria, which only incredibly rarely cause us harm. Unless your husband has multiple open sores on his body or an immune deficiency, a few more germs are unlikley to hurt him.
Well, as I said, his work enviornment is very unsanitary. He works in a prison, and on occasion comes in contact with blood, feces and other bodily fluids. Hepititis is a problem in the prison. He has been vaccinated-- I have not. While I know the chances for germs surviving a wash and leaping from his clothing to mine are slim-to-infantesmal, I still would prefer to be on the safe side, just for my peace of mind.

As for underpants, it's just an irational ick factor.
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