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Originally Posted by irishgirl
Why, exactly, is killing bacteria found on your clothing a priority?
The human body is covered in billions of bacteria, which only incredibly rarely cause us harm. Unless your husband has multiple open sores on his body or an immune deficiency, a few more germs are unlikley to hurt him.
I've found two worthwhile uses for chlorox-sterilized clothing:

1. I can accidentally forget the wet wash for a few days, yet it doesn't reek like a rancid dishtowel.

2. Sterile shirts, when paired with bacteriacidal deodorant such as Michum(tm), completely eliminates strong male armpit stench (and keeps it away for about a week, even if I stop bathing. I've tried this several times. I mean the not bathing for a week! The rest of me reeks, but my unwashed armpits will only smell as bad as, say, my sweaty week-old kneecaps. Fairly amazing.)

After demonstrating #2, I conclude that the soapy laundry and hot dryer environment is a breeding ground for a certain stench-causing thermophile bacteria. FOrtunately it's easily sterilized with chlorine bleach.