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Originally Posted by Lissa
No one. I acknowledge that my concern is illogical and that I'm not going to catch anything or become ill from unkilled germs in my laundry. However, I have a nagging sense that it's gross and I'd like to find a way to sterilize my clothing simply for peace of mind. It's the same thing when it comes to touching bathroom doorknobs: I'm not going to get sick, most likely, but it seems gross to me, so I avoid touching them if at all possible.

As I said, my husband sometimes comes in contact with Very Nasty Things in his line of work and I'd like to make sure those germs are eradicated to the best of my abilities.
After reading through this and your previous thread, I have seriously considered using a "dirty" washing machine just for socks and undies (I have a spare machine and space for hookups). Not as good as sterilization with bleach and high-energy radiation, but probably good enough for all practical purposes.