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Originally Posted by Jodi View Post

I mean, just flip the situation around for a minute. What if you were trying to raise a skeptical child who questions unsupported beliefs and rejects the idea of "god", and you found out her cousins were spending money to buy her a nice new library of religious, anti-skeptic books to have for her very own, and telling her not to tell you about it?

The bolded part is the only thing I'd personally have a problem with, as a parent. If some relative or friend wants to keep religious books at their house for my kid to read while she visits, fine, whatever. I raise my kids to be open-minded. Telling the kid to lie to me about it would not be okay, however. But, Skald didn't say he was going to encourage his cousin to lie.

Back on topic, I was going to suggest Why People Believe Weird Things and The Demon-Haunted World, but I see that unsurprisingly, they've already been mentioned.