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Originally Posted by MsWhatsit View Post
The bolded part is the only thing I'd personally have a problem with, as a parent. If some relative or friend wants to keep religious books at their house for my kid to read while she visits, fine, whatever. I raise my kids to be open-minded. Telling the kid to lie to me about it would not be okay, however. But, Skald didn't say he was going to encourage his cousin to lie.
Perhaps I read to much into it, but I really don't see how he can expect her fundie parents to even let him give her the books, much less keep them, if they are aware of what he is doing. Surely that will put a quick end to the child coming to Skaldie's house. So I assume a certain amount of "wink wink nudge nudge let's just keep this between ourselves," because otherwise he could just as well set the gift cards on fire as use them to buy books the kid will never see.

ETA: And you, like me, would be find with people keeping religious (or anti-religious) books at their homes for our kids to read -- great, in fact, I would encourage it. But clearly we are not this particular kid's parents, nor likely to have the same mindset they apparently do.

ET to again further A: I am not arguing for religion or against skepticism, but I do see a big hairy family problem coming down the road, and it seems like one Skald and wife might want to consider before taking action. That's all.

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