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I have many of the books recommended, and would myself recommend them, but I don't recall her age. I assume she's beyond third grade. Also, I don't know her preferences.

I'd recommend:

Stephen Jay Gould's books, especially his collections of essays.

Willy Ley's books, if you can find them. He was a great science popularizer

Likewise L. Sprague de Camp's essays. His SF and fantasy are great, too, of course, but not obviously skeptic.

Much of Martin Gardner's stuff. His Fads and Fallacies is good, but dated. His Whys of a Philosophical Scrivener is good reading for adults and adolescents.

Jow Nickell's skeptical books.

Philip Klass and Robert Schaeffer on UFOs

And, of course, those Straight Dope books. I hear they're pretty good.

You might also try any of Larry Gonick's "Cartoon Guide to ....[whatever]" books. He has a ton of them out, and the historical ones (History of the Universe in three parts, plus the modern world) are great, but he tacles Physics, Comnputer Science, Ecology, Genetics, Communications, and....Sex, as well.Not to mention US history