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Originally Posted by Skald the Rhymer View Post
True. But so what?
I can't tell you "so what." You have to weight that. When faced with the possibility that you may alienate her parents and lose all contact with her, you have to decide if the risk is worth the good you're seeking to do. I can't make that decision for you; I can only point out the problem. If you're good with it, I obviously am as well, because it's not my family. I would point out, however, and using your analogy, that if I had a neice or nephew in a rabidly homophobic family such that I was the only voice of tolerance he/she heard, probably the last thing I would do would be to intentionally alienate the parents so that my influence was removed entirely and my voice silenced. If you are in fact this child's only safe harbor, please consider moving more circumpectly (allowing her access to your books; making yourself available for discussions and questions) rather than taking the gamble that through your overly-aggressive if well-meaning actions you yourself are responsible for that safe harbor being snatched away.

But if you don't see the problem -- if in fact to you it boils down to "So what?" -- then I genuinely wish you luck. Barnes & Noble awaits.