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Originally Posted by Skald the Rhymer View Post
I would never inflict Ayn Rand on someone I liked. Except to help them win the yearly scholarship, if it's still being given out.
Everyone should read at least one Ayn Rand book in their lifetimes. You might not agree with anything she says, and it might not be literary greatness, but I've never read anything like her before or after. I read "Atlas Shrugged" as a teen, and clichéd as it might be, I had never thought about things like that before.

I already thought about His Dark Materials, but I'm ambivalent about it. The writing is beautiful throughout, and Golden Compass/Northern Lights is unalloyed brilliance; but Pullman turns Lyra into a twit in the latter two books, and the third book, in particular, is rushed and incoherent plotwise. When I am God-king I shall require him to rewrite both Subtle Knife and Amber Spyglass.
I dunno; there were parts in the final book where I was crying as I was reading it (last year). There was something to the series that truly touched me.

Why, it gets you into Heaven, of course. God doesn't like thinking. The purpose of the brain is to cool the blood, and only interference by Asmodeus is responsible for our cognitive abilities.
Ah, that makes perfect sense!

ETA: She might enjoy some Dave Barry, too. He is incredibly funny, but his irreverence should be good for a skeptic.

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