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Originally Posted by Agonist View Post
Any darker-skinned people here ever do recreational tanning? As in lying on the beach or by the pool, carefully making sure your skin is evenly exposed to the sun (and incidentally showing off your bod to the opposite sex)? There's also a social aspect to tanning for teen girls. I've always kinda wondered if black teens missed out on that.
I did the lying on the beach or by the pool with my friends because that's where my friends were. And I like lying in the sun. (Unfortunately, the opposite sex never gave a rat's ass what I was doing) But I obviously never did the hardcore dedicated tanning that some of them did.

I don't remember burning until I was adult, in New Zealand, on a day that didn't look all that sunny, so I hadn't bothered with sunscreen. That was a mistake. And 30SPF and I became friends for the rest of that vacation.