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Originally Posted by Really Not All That Bright View Post
That story mentions both proposed risk factors, FTR.
I apologize for my stubborn view (and am only keeping this little sub-discussion going because I feel the OP's question has been answered adequately). I started another job where I have to get up very early compared to when I used to have to wake up, and have been a zombie for the last week.

In my first post I was actually responding to WhyNot's post where the tiny article he linked says

African Americans are more likely to die from melanoma -- the deadliest form of skin cancer -- than are whites. That has commentator John McCann concerned that blacks need to pay more attention to sun exposure.
It also has a link which you can click where you hear someone on a radio talking about in a little more detail about the topic. But my effort was to straighten out that article a bit. AAs aren't more likely to die from melanoma because they don't wear sunscreen, but because they don't realize that they actually do have melanoma in the first place.

My article does point out that blacks are susceptible to melanoma from the sun (thats the basic point of the first half of the article, and suggests using sunscreen not because they are more or equally susceptible to melanoma than other races, but because they are actually susceptible and not immune to developing it).

But the second half of the article points out that blacks should get regular skin exams checking for melanoma,
"paying particular attention to those areas that we commonly don't consider skin cancers would occur, such as palms, soles, fingers, toes, under the nails and mucosal surfaces like in the mouth and genitalia."
Palms, soles, mouth and genitalia are probably the least likely places that sunlight will reach on a human body although palms and soles are anecdotally more likely to receive UV exposure than mouths and genitalia, this suggests to me at least, that sunlight might not be the only thing causing melanoma.

I am not very good at writing, so I tend to be long winded. But what makes skin cancer deadlier to blacks is not that they don't use sunscreen, but that the cancer is not found in time, whether thats because of ignorance or inactivity.

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