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Tempost Tost, the first book in Robertson Davies' Salterton Trilogy, and it's delicious.

Also finished 1922, the first novella in Stephen King's new collection. Is there a term for good writing/stupid plotting? Because it's well-written -- no bloat and none of King's annoying quirks (except for clumsy foreshadowing) -- but it just didn't make sense to me that
Wilf would involve his teenage son in the murder. He told the kid that he was needed, but he really wasn't. Did Wilf just need someone to share the guilt? Was he too spineless to do it on his own? Did he think the kid would encourage him if he faltered? It wasn't necessary for the subplot of Hank running away with Shannon -- that could have happened anyway. It did serve the purpose of showing Wilf to be a really horrible person. Who gets their kid to help kill his mother?