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If Dr. Suess had written the OP

All the Whos down at Who Inc., the tall and the small
Could shit without being revolting at all
The Whos, when shitting, would shit in the pot
But the Fuckwicket, who worked at Who Inc., would not

Just yesterday morning, around ten past eleven
The Fuckwicket started shitting at mach oh-point-seven
And when Billy Who had to shit his Who-Hash from last night
He went into the men’s room and got quite a fright:

There was shit on the floor, there was shit in the stall
There was shit on the seat and on every wall
There was shit on the tile, there was shit on the grout
There was scarcely a place where shit was not about

There was shit on the handle, there was shit on the tank
There was shit on the john door, oh how that shit stank!
There was shit everywhere, the new paint was peeling
Why that Fuckwicket even got shit on the ceiling!

“How I hate that Fuckwicket,” sighed poor Billy Who
“Were I not making the effort I know just what I’d do
I’d make him lick every drop up without even a utensil
Then next time he’d be careful with his rectum prehensile”

I can’t believe that I’ve actually typed this up twice.
RTFirefly, I hope you repost your wonderful observation.[/b]