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Originally Posted by John Mace View Post
I'm surprised no one said this: Define "black people".

In the US, a "black person" might be 75% "white" or more.
That's true. A read about a scientific study which looked for genetic markers and found that 98% of Americans who identify as "black" have some European ancestry and 35% of Americans who identify as "white" have some African ancestry.

My spouse, who identifies as "black" is roughly* 60% African, 30% European, and 10% Asian. Yes she does tan. Sometimes in the winter time she'll comment on how her skin is a lighter shade of brown than usual. She never uses sunscreen and rarely gets burned.

* I say "roughly" because even if you know what your great-grandparents looked like, you still don't know what THEIR great-grandparents looked like, not with a high degree of certainty anyway.