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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
No doubt a lot of people will be filtered out by what they've said and done on social media. Is that a bad thing? Our elected officials are only a very small fraction of the population, and they should be better than us as a whole. It's inherent in the concept that we must filter the population very aggressively in order to choose our leaders. Is this a worse filter than whatever else we'd be using?

Yes, obviously this was meant as a joke. And what that tells us is that he's the kind of guy who finds this sort of thing funny. Given the choice of a politician who finds this sort of thing funny or one who doesn't, I'll take the latter.
Yeah but it was 35 years ago. I'm super not comfortable with this standard. Context matters. Like, I'm super pro-life with reasonable concessions (12 weeks seems reasonable to me) so there's no love lost if this guy goes, but are we really going to judge 59-year-old Governor Ralph Northam on 24-year-old Med Student Ralph Northam? Are we not allowed to view individuals on how they've behaved and acted for all of their adult lives save a few years?

It's extremely disquieting. We pluck a photo out from 35 years ago and that wipes away everything he stands for and everything he fights for? His job as a Governor and his work on the issues in that role comes down to a 35-year-old tasteless photo?

I'd be making these same arguments for a Republican or a Democrat.