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Originally Posted by Busy Scissors View Post
Banked a critical win in our league last night - should be enough for safety
This aggressive approach cost us once, to which I invite your scorn and derision - holding something like S Qx H QJT9xxx D xxx C J first seat fav vuln, I decided I didn't like 3H there so put it into the multi 2D. Overcall 3C on your left and then pard goes 3D. 3S from RHO. I misapprehended pard's bid here, and thought it was strong and interested in game, so rolled out a fatuous 4H call. Promptly doubled (by RHO) to go 3 off as pard is empty of hearts, and lucky to escape with that - LHO was void in diamonds, so it could have been completely stretchered if they had found the diamond switch.
I think 3D has to be to play, no interest in the majors, and I can only bid over it with a strong hand. In the event a quiet 3H opener would have elicited 3S from RHO to buy the contract, and prob doesn't even make.
I would open 3H, but on the actual auction it is normal to play that a new suit by preemptor's partner is forcing in a noncompetitive auction but non-forcing in a competitive one. However, it is dangerous for partner to bid 3D with no hearts because if you have diamond shortage, you are likely to bid 3H.