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Originally Posted by That Don Guy View Post
The problem with "consciousness" is, how could you tell? Do the memories go with it?

Also, if you can do this, then, theoretically, you can make a copy of it; would both of "you" think you are the "real" you? (Never mind "Schizoid Man"; how about "Second Chances"? They're both "the" William Riker.)

I figure this is in the same category of topics as self-driving cars. There are people working on it as we speak, and there are folks who will argue that it can or cannot work for some reason.

But the argument is kind of pointless. If it can't possibly work, then no one will ever do it, no matter how much effort they put into it. But, if it can work, and we eventually figure it out, then the answers to all these "Is it me, or a copy?" type questions will probably become quite obvious.