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It eludes me why anybody would even want their minds to be "non-computational" - doesn't that just mean that it doesn't work in a rational or coherent manner? That it's totally random? My thoughts happen for reasons, thanks very much. And even if brains do include some small amount of randomity, computers can simulate randomity, so no problems there. Whatever a wibble does, however a wibble works, it works somehow, and that "somehow" is a process and that process can be imitated and simulated. Doesn't matter if the wibble is material or supernatural, that's still the case.

So yeah, brains can be emulated, given sufficient understanding of how they work and sufficient processor power. That's still a pretty weaksause approach to immortality though, because the person being copied isn't going to live any longer as a result. They'll still age and die, and experience aging and dying. Their copy may be off having fun in a virtual amusement park forever, but that's not going to help them any.