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My other big hand this evening:

S: AKJxx
H: AKx
D: A

28 high card points points.

I bid 2C, partner responds 2 Diamonds (in our system showing no Aces), I bid 2 spades. He responds 3 clubs (weakest near bust response). I bid 4 spades.

Partner tables:

S: xxx
H: QTx
D: xxxxx
C: xx

My only excuse is that I was tired. A heart was led. I called for the 10 on the board, which held the trick. I led a trump to my hand but instead of finessing I plunked down my Ace. Oops. I meant to finesse but then I didn't. So then there was no choice but to play the King of trumps, felling the doubleton Queen with west. After drawing trumps and cashing my winners, the club ten took the last trick. Making 7 and a great board for us.