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Originally Posted by Busy Scissors View Post
So I've not been playing much recently, but ventured out this week to a club competition that we managed to win - name up on the board of a bridge club wall, I have arrived

Couple of hands: IMPs scoring converted to VPs, ten teams where you play 3 boards against each. Second to last table and you can see from the barometer that you are sitting second overall by a point or two - it's very close. You pick up this monster vuln:

D AK92

2C 2D (At least an ace or a king)
2S 3S
4C 4S
4N 5C (none, obv)
5D 6C (QS and KC).

Are you bidding the grand for glory?
Depends on system agreements. Many people (at least in the US) play that the 3S bid is stronger than 4S. Also, what is your cue-bidding style? I play that cue bids show 1st or 2nd round control. Hence partner does not have KH. This is good news - it would be wasted unless part of KQx. Generally, though, I am a wuss about bidding grands. I would only bid it here if I felt we needed a big last match to win the event. But see my next paragraph.

Would 6D carry a meaning of asking for a third round control or am I making stuff up?
It might well. Certainly 4NT - 5C - 6D asks for 3rd round control. But 4NT - 5C - 5NT - 6C (showing KC, not count of kings) - 6D means either, by partnership agreement, "bid 7 if you have KD", or "I have KD, bid 7 if you have something extra".

Either way, 6D must be a grand slam try asking partner for something extra. If you trust partner not to do something crazy, like pass it, it must be worth a shot.

Last table all vuln, pard makes a second seat 3C preempt - pass to you holding

S AT642
H A432
C J6

How's 3N look to you here? Automatic, maybe, or wouldn't occur to me?
As Merrick indicates, partner's preempting style is important. I wouldn't expect a garbage suit, vulnerable, but KQ109875 is not good enough unless there is another entry. With my most regular partner, we have agreed not to preempt at the 3-level holding a running suit. So partner does not have AKQxxxx.

I also agree with Merrick about state of the match. If I bid the grand and it made, I'd be more conservative here. If I bid it and it went down, I'd bid 3NT.