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The VR features are only like 1/3 of the update. The rest are going to add in or expand on the multi-player aspects of the game as well as add new content. Think No Man's Sky Next...that's what this one will be. I also read (this is more a rumor) that this will be the last free update DLC for the game, as, at least in theory, this should take the game to the point where they felt it should have been on launch.

I haven't followed this update as much as I did when Next was coming out, but I'll almost certainly fire up my game once it hits to check it out and see what's new. I know it's not going to be what I, personally am looking for in order to really bring me back into the game, but I have to admit that, at this point I've gotten my money's worth out of this one. I wish it could be more wrt having cool things to do and explore and do with a few friends and/or maybe some NPC followers, but the game has certainly come a long way.

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