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Originally Posted by amarone View Post

Monday was notable for bidding two grand slams. On the first I had A9842 42 K1096 K8. Partner opened 1H, RHO bid 2H, Michaels. I doubled, showing the ability to double at least one of his suits. Partner bid 4D. At this point, 4S from me is probably a cue bid agreeing diamonds, but wanting to keep things clear I bid 6D. She then bid 7D, holding Q AKQ9xx AQxxx A. 7H makes also, but 7D does not need a 3-2 heart break.
Yes, 4S confirming diamonds and interest in slam. This would be followed by RKB and a confident grand slam. In your auction, partner's conversion to 7D was kinda weird considering that the opening lead could well be the ace of spades.