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Best Romance novels

I can't believe I'm writing this . . .

I've read 2 romance novels in my life - not Danielle Steele, Fabio topless on the cover, old lady porn - but found in the romance section nonetheless. They were Kane and Abel and The Healer.

I've got to admit, I really liked both of them. No, they're not Tolstoy, or Hemmingway, or - let's be honest - even Grisham, but I liked them for the same reasons I like Desperate Housewives: they're fast-paced, mindless, easily digestible entertainment. I found myself, in both books, reading 100+ pages in a sitting, where I normally read 40-60 pages per sitting in a good regular novel, and maybe half that in a good non-fiction book.

As embarassing as it is to ask, I don't want to miss out on some good fun for the sake of being a manly man or a literary snob. So bring 'em on, cheap paperbacks - "Romance" novels for lack of a better term, but I'm not going to be nitpicky about it.

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