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Originally Posted by cbawlmer
I didn't think Jodi's description sounded demeaning or judgmental. In fact, when I read that list I wanted some recommendations for examples of #3, because it's the only one that really interested me.

The romance community reminds me of the hardcore comic book geek community, in that they could use a massive chill pill.
I don't disagree that it could use a massive chill pill (anybody interested in a giggle might want to look at the massive drama surrounding the latest Romance Times convention--just google it, it'll show up on a bunch of blogs). I don't even disagree that I could use a massive chill pill--especially because I know I see this issue different from most casual readers of romance and most writers due to various reasons. But I saw reflected in Jodi's original description the same sort of language that typically sends up red flags in other venues. I tried to further explain why I saw those red flags in my second post, though judging from Jodi's response, I did not make my intention/words as clear as they should have been or could have been (that is, describing why I read her description the way I did, not a further attack or demand that Jodi defend herself).