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Lately I've been on a Lyndsay Sands Argeneaux novels kick. I'm a vampire junkie and I like how she presents the history of the vampires (which also explains why they haven't overrun the earth..). It mainly involves Atlantis and nanos.. I gave up on Christine Feehan long ago but I haven't quite given up on Sherrilyn Kenyon (who also writes some interesting books with Arthur and his knights as Kinley MacGregor)

I also read, well lots of fantasy style. Just found a new author who has dragons, the second book comes out in August. Deborah Cooke.

Then of course there are the mysteries.. such as the aforementioned JD Robb books (which I am listening to on audiobook lately). There's the agency ones by Susan Sizemore and Amanda Quick and Sherrilyn has her BAD books also. What else do I read.. lately I've been reading the classics. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre..

There was one series I really enjoyed about spies in Regency England.. The Fox, The Lion etc.. well that was the newest ones. That's not the titles. I haven't read them and need to find/remember her name so I can get the ones I haven't. There was one series before it though, but the animal ones are supposed to be the upper level spies known only to the King sort of thing.. ETA: Celeste Bradley! That's it! Liar's Club and Royal Four series..

And of course I have an addiction to Nora Roberts. She gets totally formulaic, but I love her.

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