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Can I hijack a bit and ask for recommendations for good smutty romances? In other words, romance novels that are both good AND really hot? In college I dug Robin Schone, although I could do without the homophobia. I used to read them around finals time, when I wasn't up for the heavy stuff. I like historicals, but only if they don't make me howl with laughter and throw the book across the room. (That's why I used to read them for finals - I was a history major and almost went to grad school in it. My favorite is the Viking one with the talking whale.) I don't want just, you know, stroke books - I want to be into the story and have it not be stupid and eye-rolly, but I also want some hot action when I pick up a romance novel.

I think even big fans of romances can distinguish between "romance novels", which are put out by certain publishers and fit into certain subgenres (historical, contemporary, etc), and general fiction or literature with romantic themes. I love Pride and Prejudice, but I wouldn't call it a "romance novel", although I'd certainly call it a "love story" or "romantic fiction". In publishing and libraries, at any rate, "romance novel" has a specific meaning. When I ask for one, I'd be happy to get "general romantic fiction", but I want it to have certain characteristics.

ETA - I admit it. I keep reading Stephanie Plum (not a romance novel, but a romance novel cousin). I can't help it. I know she is never, ever going to sleep with Ranger again and I just can't stop reading them anyway.

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