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Originally Posted by monstro View Post
I don't know why guys seems to think "niceness" is unattractive. 'Cuz it is not. But like any other trait, it is insufficient all by itself. I don't know why this is so puzzling to people.
I think it's partially a stage of life issue. "Nice guy" syndrome is especially prevalent among teenage to early twenties men. "Nice guys" go hand in hand with the "girls only date JERKS because they're stupid" idea. The thing is, they're not completely wrong.

A lot of young people of both sexes are pretty terrible at picking good partners. What "Nice guys" really fail at is turning the lens on themselves. I've never met a "nice guy" willing to seriously consider that they're not pursing the type of women who appreciates kind, thoughtful partners. In fact, "Nice guys" are usually super desperate and open to pursuing any women who'll pay them any attention. Yet, somehow it's only women don't appreciate traits like niceness.