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There isn't any contradiction between actually being nice and being confident, and actually being nice gives women a sense of protection. The whole 'nice guys' complaint has a whole lot of fallacies behind it. If a guy is actually nice and not attracting women, he's probably not making a real effort (most of the 'assholes' who score a lot also get rejected more times in a month than the nice guy does in his life) or is socializing badly in some way. Neither of those are actually a direct result of being 'nice'. And a huge chunk of the people who call themselves 'nice guys' are actually not nice at all, and view women as a sort of video game where you keep putting in niceness tokens until you win a sexing (or loving or whatever).

You should read this page to get a good deconstruction of the nice guy fallacies:

Evolutionary psychology is a great steaming pile of crap, it's just people tossing out pseudo-scientific babble to support their existing prejudices. I've never seen the kind of evo-psych that supports 'nice guy' complaints supported by any real research or critical thinking. The most common failure of critical thinking is taking some 20th century social conventions and 'proving' that they must have come from evolution because reasons, and never addressing why people didn't behave that way through the rest of recorded history. And Youtube comments are a swirling cesspool of broken people, it's a terrible place to get ideas from.