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Originally Posted by bobot View Post
He can't leave her unsupported now. It may appear that she is lying about this. Is he cool with that? If he really doesn't remember, then he himself has to say publicly that: "Hell, that sounds like something I would have done. But I see why it wasn't cool, and I am aware of my actions as a result."
I could buy that. Then they have to get together and agree that it's done.
But you understand that there will be more. His touchy feely style of politicking goes back many decades and even if 99 out of 100, hell 999 out of 1000 appreciated his little touches that leaves a substantial absolute number that still would say not. And males too! There's a picture in this article of him arm wrapped around nose into ear of a tight fisted clearly uncomfortable Strom Thurman. Some men find touch unwanted and objectionable as well.

I'm not sure what the best way to answer this is. If Ms. Flores had no point and this was completely #metoo gone too far then this could be a Sister Souljah moment, and many women voters would agree. But her point is valid: men (and to some degree women too) in positions of power have to be conscious that what they do not see as transgressive might be interpreted that way by those of lesser power (usually women) who will feel powerless to object, and even if the percent is small the power dynamic means that great caution must be exercised.

He is guilty of not knowing that before such became common knowledge. Not sure how he best articulates knowing it now.

In any case better to deal with this early ... or to prove himself unable to deal with it well enough.

OH eta - FWIW I think Booker or Harris would be stronger candidates and do not have Biden as number one choice. But I would not want this to be why he is not the choice.

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