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His statement today does not quite hit the ideal note, even if it is 100% accurate.
... I may not recall these moments the same way, and I may be surprised at what I hear. But we have arrived at an important time when women feel they can and should relate their experiences, and men should pay attention. And I will. ...
What he still needs is an acknowledgement that listening to Ms. Flores has him considering that what he intends with his physical "expressions of affection, support and comfort" may not be what is always received, and that Ms Flores' point that those in positions of power may not realize that those who are uncomfortable with those physical expressions might be hesitant to speak up is valid.

Hold on the recitation of the record on woman's issues.

Go with the simple "It seems that something that I meant as an expression of support instead made Ms. Flores uncomfortable and I am deeply sorry for that. I had no idea and that is to no small degree on me. I am glad we are entering a phase in our society that people feel more free to speak up in any such circumstance and to let others know when such occurs. I promise to listen."

RTF bullshit to your bullshit. Politicians hugging strangers, reaching out to kiss babies, and such has been SOP forever. Nothing sexual or intended as a power put down about it.

Biden's awareness of when others don't like or want it is perhaps poorer than most. Again look at that picture I linked to of him with Strom Thurman. Clearly Strom is very unhappy with that physical touch by Joe, fists clenched. Look at the reactions of the others around them. Joe though seems clueless to it all.

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