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Originally Posted by MortSahlFan View Post
... Personally, I think Bernie Sanders is the only one ...
Really? Who knew?

Originally Posted by Exapno Mapcase View Post
The practical political issue is that giving Biden a pass on this plays straight into Trump's hands. ... And his base will believe it, ...
His base will believe anything and everything he says and are not the concern. He has that third of the vote no matter what and they will come out no matter what.

There is lots between disqualification and getting a pass and much of that space will satisfy those whose minds are not made up no matter what. There are responses that demonstrate what he learns by listening.

Will his being someone who touched lots (women, men, children) when politicking as his style, sometimes with cluelessness as to when it makes others uncomfortable, be disqualifying to Obama-Trump voters? To Romney-Clinton ones? Will Democratic women stay home rather than vote for him when the alternative is Trump? Will younger voters stay home because of this? Will Black voters?

Trump's base gives him a pass on everything no matter what, no more and no less whoever the D side runs.

As far as how this impacts his chances to win the nom ... I think the overlap between those who would not vote for another old white fairly moderate guy for the nom and those who find this disqualifying is great. I don't think he loses that much support even if it lowers his favorables slightly.