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Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
Well, yes, they are. If I'm weird enough that I want to masturbate to a video of Joe Biden giving a campaign speech, I get to do that. Or for that matter, if I see a woman during a pan of the audience who I think is hot, I can freeze the video and masturbate to her image. (Not something I'm likely to do, jftr.) Or do I have to find out who she is, contact her, and obtain her consent first?
I don't care what you do in the privacy of your own home. But I'd object if you made or edited or distributed or promoted a pornographic video that included clips of these women and girls being touched. Just as I would for any other video that's meant to focus on how their bodies were touched or otherwise used, unless you've gotten their permission to do so. Because that's no longer just you in your basement - it's affecting other people.

And others are saying, "no, that's not what really happened." And without videos or photos, how do we know?
I have no problem with scrutinizing any video of the specific women who have chosen to speak out. Feel free to point me towards any video that shows how Flores or one of the other women who have spoken out was touched. I have no problem at all with that, since they've chosen to speak publicly about these experiences.
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