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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
Related question -

Accepting for the sake of discussion that "Northern Path" thesis of those states being the key states to win, and that those are the demographics that matter most to achieving that goal, does the issue of too familiar non-sexual touch, of presumptuous and even "entitled" touch, of touch that has on occasion been unwelcome and uncomfortable, impact those demographics in a race against Trump so much?

It's a very different question than how it impacts the nomination process.

My take is that this issue per se does not at all.
In the context of the primary, the focus would be on what Lucy Flores and others are saying.

In the context of the general election, I think there's this vicious cycle where so many are hung up on perceived hypocrisy in elites who moralize while not caring to practice what they preach, and they (those hung up on this) care more about that than weighing how grievous individual faults are to put it politely. The trolls will call him a pedophile and anything else with no shame. Biden has given some speeches in the last year or two where he has referenced men abusing power in personal and violating ways. I could see him getting flack for this inconsistency in word and action with those who matter, not for the actions unless he fails to change as he has said he will. Whether his background would cause him to be pegged in the vein of a Washington elite is probably a mix, and his communication style mentioned earlier shouldn't hurt him in that regard. I did see some people including a few on the center-left for a variety of reasons get up in arms because he recently talked about white man's culture; unless he is constantly beating that drum I don't know if many will remember or care that much. I guess according to my CNN link some progressives were also critical of the speech because he didn't go far enough.