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Unfortunately, there's a lot of overlap between inappropriate touching and inappropriate sexual touching. I don't have the impression that there was a sexual motivation to what Biden was doing. But touching other people is something that most people would be uncomfortable with anyway--sexual or not.

I had a male manager would would touch both male and female employees on the back and shoulder when talking to them. There was nothing sexual about it, but I felt uncomfortable when he did it to me. I don't want to be touched by people with that kind of relationship to me (stranger, acquaintance, etc.)

I view this kind of behavior in the category of insensitive or lacking empathy behavior more than harassment or predatory behavior. Along with touching, it might also include talking endlessly without regard for the other person's interest in the topic, calling at home about non-emergency work topics outside of work hours, excessive micromanaging, and so on. Boorish, lack of awareness of personal space, lack of awareness of others interest, etc. all fall into that category.

I think he's handling it poorly now. Rather than being apologetic for making people feel uncomfortable, he's saying he did nothing wrong. It would be like a person who talks endlessly saying they won't apologize for doing so and will keep talking to someone as long as they feel like, even if that other person is bored to tears and couldn't care less about the topic. But in this political environment, who knows, maybe that's the right attitude to win. Saying he'll do whatever he feels like without concern for anyone else seems to be a winning strategy at the moment.