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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
... I donít think most find non-sexual touch not intended to demonstrate power or control but intended to communicate attention, focus, support, or concern as unwanted or intrusive. But enough donít like it that great caution is warranted especially if there is a real or perceived power imbalance between the toucher and the touched. That perception can be based on position or gender or a wide variety of factors.

Biden has not exhibited such caution. He says he gets it now. Not sure he does.
Today's remarks by Biden seem to indicate that he very much does NOT get it. His people clearly have tried to get through to him; at one point after today's speech to the electrical-workers union, he did utter the requisite 'I know it's not about what I intended but about the discomfort felt by those who've spoken out' line, but soon reverted to "I am not sorry for anything that I have ever done -- I've never been disrespectful, intentionally, to a man or a woman."

The first isn't a actual quotation--it's a paraphrase--because I haven't yet found a full transcript of today's interaction with reporters. But the second is quoted in several stories.

Today Biden seemed not only defensive, but actually, well, angry. Or as angry as he gets. He seemed to defy Those Irrationally-Critical Women by joking about the situation twice during his on-stage time:

During his speech to the electrical workers' union, the former vice president referenced the controversy with a pair of jokes, telling attendees that he had received permission to hug the union leader and put his arm around a child he invited up on stage.

On the 'defensiveness' front, he told reporters that plenty of people welcome his touch:

Biden told reporters Friday he "wouldn't be surprised" if other women come forward with allegations he made them uncomfortable, but he noted that he has had "hundreds and hundreds of people contact me who I don't know and you know, say the exact opposite."

So with reference to DSeid's categories of Obama-Trump, Romney-Clinton, and Black voters: My guess is that males among them will shrug, and females will be split between those who will sigh and swallow their disappointment (at being asked, yet again, to simply put up with uninvited touches by those with more power), and those who will reject Biden soundly and decisively.