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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
Some notes about the video:

An approximate translation for non-KSP players:
Kerbin = Earth
Mun = Earth's Moon
Duna = Mars
Jool = Jupiter

0:00: A seemingly well-planned mission from Kerbin to Mun.
0:57: A foot slips...
0:58: We see everything we need to know about how Kerbals operate. The tiniest mistake snowballs into a complete mission fail. And yet the Kerbals remain characteristically oblivious to their own impending doom, and in fact happy.
1:27: A Korolov... hexagon? Snowflake? Of course, a mere six boosters is just getting started.
1:28: I see that the KSP universe has their version of Gravity.
1:30: Someone is not going to space today. The launch escape tower is engaged.
1:31: Duna. But that's an interesting engine on the end... what could it be?
1:34: An artificial gravity ring.
1:36: Very 2001esque.
1:39: A fairly large colony on Duna. Those units look quite like Bigelow inflatables.
1:40: We can see that Kerbals drive their rovers like they do their spacecraft: only rarely touching the ground.
1:42: Oh, shiiiit! That weird engine? It's an Project Orion nuclear pulse propulsion drive. Detonate thousands of nuclear bombs on one side of a pusher plate and hope for the best.
1:43: A burnt reentry shield, and parachutes.
1:44: For Kerbals, an actual enclosed spacecraft is a luxury. A chair with a joystick is usually sufficient.
1:45: Jool. With quite a large station. But what's that weird engine again...
1:52: Inertial confinement fusion! The refined man's nuclear drive. This sucker might go interstellar.
1:55: These planets seem to be new, and don't have local analogues... hmmm.
1:56: The original KSP didn't have a Saturn analogue, either. We seem to be braking toward a moon.
2:02: And dropping a lander on its icy surface.
2:09: That is an impressive colony.
2:17: Parked the lander a liiiiitle too close to the edge there.
2:38: Lithobraking: litho means rock. Lithobraking is using the ground to bring your craft to a rapid stop.
Yeah, the Orion at 1:42 caught my eye as well. And the image next to the category "Next Generation Technology" on the website has a wider picture of what appears to be the same spacecraft. (I'm guessing so, based on similarity in coloring and form and the fact that they both have an explosion in space behind the spacecraft. Kerbal spacecraft do explode, but generally not behind the SC.)

Nuclear Pulse propulsion was several third-party mods to KSP 1, so I find it interesting that they're doing something I see a lot in games: letting modders design interesting capability and then incorporating their own rendition of those capabilities in the next major release. Let the modders do the pioneer work and cherry-pick the winners.

Not sure how I feel about that in general, but it does seem to work.

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