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Originally Posted by VarlosZ
Keeper Potential -- Plaxico (6) will be a pretty good value in the 4th next year. Eli (9) will be an exellent keeper.
Yeah, Eli is the obvious quality keeper, but am I allowed to keep Plax, as I didn't draft him but rather acquired him through trade? I'm curious because as it stands right now I really really want to keep him as opposed to burning a second or third to make sure I get him.

By the way, using the fanboy approach has opened a new layer of fun during gameday for me. I created a form in Excel that I print out on the back of my weekly picks sheet (love those threads, Omni!) that I use to track the performance throughout the day. I wait until the game is over to pencil in the passing and rushing stats, but during the game I track all applicable catches, field goals, touchdowns, extra points, sacks, et cetera in real time.

On the form I have the formulas that each of the three leagues I'm in uses, and so I can use a calculator to tabulate my results without ever leaving the couch. (Computer is in a no-tv room.) I find that I'm usually within 2 points of my actual yahoo total, and since I also include the yahoo estimated total for both me and each opponent, I have a pretty good idea of what's what before ever going online. I have to say, it's really quite fun, but only works if you both watch the games live, and have the same players on all your teams.

What do you guys do, just ignore FF until you get online, or feverishly watch the postgame wrapups on ESPNews? Either would drive me batty. heh.

All told, that one piece of paper per week gives me a huge amount of added interest on gameday. In addition to tracking the fantasy stats, I mark down all the final scores, note how the spread picker does, see how my picks and hypothetical bets do, and also track the divisional standings. You should see how much pencil is all over those suckers by the night game.

Damn I love the NFL.