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Originally Posted by Whack-a-Mole View Post
I am sure.

You'd see plenty of dumb stuff but never inappropriately touching people.
Right off the Biden statement. Use the same writer?

Really, that's what they all say. Especially the most clueless, they are very "sure."

And you've never done or said anything racist (without even realizing it) either, right? It's something others do.

FWIW I am confident that I have been clueless enough that I have offended without realizing it, by touch and by word, and would take someone at their word that I had. No pictures and no one telling me such but still pretty sure. I can say my conscious intent has rarely (not never) been to offend or to make uncomfortable, but still such may be felt without my intent to do so and I strongly suspect has. Actually was told once! A nurse interpreted me as shoving her as I went by quickly to a patient as all heck was breaking loose and complained. Was not my intent but she felt that way as her lived reality. Was it assault? I apologized.

Having your picture taken is one thing, having it used as propaganda with a made up story is something else. Doing the latter is being a creep.

Agreed again with iiandyiiii - blech.