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Originally Posted by RaftPeople View Post
HMHW, I'm curious about your position on this, same or different conscious experience?
Two brains that don't differ physically, don't differ regarding the experience they produce (or at least, I have no reason to think they should, and lots of reasons to think the notion would be incoherent).

Originally Posted by wolfpup View Post
Before I respond more comprehensively to some of the other points you raise, I'm curious as to why you didn't respond directly to my speech-to-text system example, as I think it directly contradicts this claim.
It introduces nothing new, quite simply. It's possible to map each grammatically correct sentence in English to a grammitically correct sentence in another language having a different meaning, while keeping the relations between sentences intact (such as, which sentence would be a reasonable answer to what question). So somebody speaking that other language would converse with the English text-producing system in their language about something entirely different than an English-speaking person, while exchanging the same symbolic vehicles with it.

The reason that this is possible is that a (single-language) dictionary is just a set of relations; so 'dog' might get explained with terms like 'furry', 'four-legged', 'animal', and so on. So you merely need to map 'dog' to some other term, as well as the explanative terms, and the ones explaining those, and so on; this will keep the web of relations the same, while changing the referents of the individual words.

You can explicitly write this down for simple enough languages---indeed, that's exactly what my example above amounts to. But moving to a more complicated language doesn't add anything essentially new; the web of relations gets more complex, a larger graph, but what the nodes stand for still isn't determined by the connections.